Long Wool / NZ Sheepskin

Experience luxurious comfort with Nest Wraps' premium long wool NZ sheepskin rugs. Carefully sourced and crafted, these rugs add softness and warmth to your decor. Versatile for any interior, they offer timeless elegance draped on furniture or as floor accents. Elevate your home with ultimate comfort and luxury today.

  • Quarto Black Sheepskin

    Quarto Black Sheepskin

    Now: $585.00
  • Single Nappa Sheepskin

    Single Nappa Sheepskin

    Now: $145.00
  • Double Black Sheepskin

    Double Black Sheepskin

    Now: $285.00
  • Single Laurel Sheepskin

    Single Laurel Sheepskin

    Now: $145.00
  • Single Rust Sheepskin

    Single Rust Sheepskin

    Now: $145.00
  • Single Steel Sheepskin

    Single Steel Sheepskin

    Now: $145.00
  • Shortwool Sheepskin - Topaz

    Shortwool Sheepskin - Topaz

    Now: $140.00
  • Shortwool Sheepskin - Fossil

    Shortwool Sheepskin - Fossil

    Now: $140.00
  • Shortwool Sheepskin - Black

    Shortwool Sheepskin - Black

    Now: $140.00
  • Single Butterscotch Sheepskin

    Single Butterscotch Sheepskin

    Now: $145.00
  • Double Ivory Sheepskin

    Double Ivory Sheepskin

    Now: $285.00
  • Octo Ivory Sheepskin

    Octo Ivory Sheepskin

    Now: $1,175.00