Rug Placement Guide

A beautifully proportioned rug can tie an entire room together, but it can be tricky to get the size and placement right. That’s why we’ve prepared these tried and tested room-by-room layouts to guide you.


As a rule of thumb, a rug should be large enough to anchor your furniture whilst leaving some of the floor exposed. When in doubt, go for the biggest size possible – there’s nothing worse than an undersized rug!


All our rugs are available in a range of standard sizes or can be custom made to perfectly fit your space.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Living Room

Aim for a living room rug that is big enough to fully fit your furniture, with at least 20 cm of rug visible on all sides. Alternatively, arrange furniture partially on top, with the rug sitting underneath the front two legs of your sofa and side chairs. If you prefer a smaller rug, arrange seating at an even distance. Round rugs will make a living room feel more intimate and inviting.

Dining Room

Allow a minimum of 60-70 cm of rug to show on all sides of the dining table. At the very least, ensure that your chairs can still sit fully on the rug even when pulled away from the table to ensure the rug doesn’t get caught or become a tripping hazard for guests. Match the shape of the tabletop to your rug shape – a round rug under a round table creates visual harmony.


For a luxurious look, the bed frame and side tables should rest entirely on the rug, with 70-90 cm showing around the edges. With a smaller rug, sit the lower two thirds of the bed on top to create a soft and warm landing pad for bare feet. Two runners placed on either side of the bed will add symmetry, while a round rug placed off centre lends an unexpected touch of personality.