NZ Rugs

Discover the perfect rug for your home at Nest Wraps. Our selection includes kitchen rugs, rugs in New Zealand, and rugs in Auckland, catering to diverse needs. Elevate your kitchen's aesthetics and functionality with stylish and protective kitchen rugs. Our collection boasts high-quality rugs crafted from various materials, from cozy wool to durable synthetics, ensuring options for every preference and budget.

NestWraps offers an exclusive selection of cheap rugs stock, where affordability meets style and quality. Our products are in various designs, colors, and textures to fit any interior design theme. These rugs are not just cost-effective; they are crafted carefully, ensuring you don't compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. Whether redecorating a room or completing a new décor theme, our low-cost rugs are the ideal finishing touch.

Each rug in our low-cost collection has been picked for its durability and elegance. We understand how crucial building a warm, inviting home on a budget is. Consequently, our low-cost carpets are a fantastic solution for cost-conscious families looking for luxury. From vibrant patterns to classic designs, our rugs promise to enrich your living space, proving that style doesn't have to be expensive.



    Was: $899.00
    Now: $615.00
  • Coral Reef Rug

    Coral Reef Rug

    Now: $690.00 - $1,150.00
  • Bella Rug

    Bella Rug

    Now: $750.00 - $1,235.00
  • Urban Retreat Rug

    Urban Retreat Rug

    Now: $750.00 - $1,235.00
  • Nordic Bliss Rug - Silver

    Nordic Bliss Rug - Silver

    Now: $495.00 - $820.00
  • Nordic Bliss Rug - Black/White

    Nordic Bliss Rug - Black/White

    Now: $495.00 - $820.00
  • Serene Bloom Rug

    Serene Bloom Rug

    Now: $645.00 - $1,060.00
  • Coastal Breeze Rug

    Coastal Breeze Rug

    Now: $610.00
  • Artisanal Trellis Rug

    Artisanal Trellis Rug

    Now: $680.00 - $1,140.00
  • Majestic Trellis Rug - Oatmeal

    Majestic Trellis Rug - Oatmeal

    Now: $645.00 - $1,025.00
  • Majestic Trellis Rug - Ochre

    Majestic Trellis Rug - Ochre

    Now: $645.00 - $1,025.00
  • Majestic Trellis Rug -Slate

    Majestic Trellis Rug -Slate

    Now: $645.00 - $1,025.00